Our Approach

Varvara Kalinin teaching a client during a private Pilates session in Astoria NY

At Perfect Posture Pilates we have designed our programs to apply neutral spine and safe spinal practices. In addition we include current functional movement to our Pilates instruction and seek extensive training in anatomy and movement science  to ensure the highest quality of instruction for our clients.

What our clients are saying

I’ve been coming to Perfect Posture Pilates now for over a year and I love this studio. If you are looking for a wonderful Pilates studio that will help you achieve positive noticeable differences to your body and posture, this is the place. I’ve taken all their classes including many private sessions and one year later, I walk much better, feel much stronger and have less back and shoulder pains.
Firstly, the studio is clean and very relaxing. The classes are small so you get plenty of attention from the instructors who really care about the clients. All the instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, professional and attentive. Secondly, this is not a large studio where you can easily get lost. I’ve gone to larger studios with too many students that you don’t even realize that you are doing to moves incorrectly because you escape the instructors’ notice. The instructors always ask how we are feeling, what we want to work on and constantly provides constructive feedback. They adjust/accommodate per your level and condition to make sure that you get the benefits of Pilates without hurting yourself. And totally judgement free for those who get intimidated by new classes/workout. Just like the name of studio, it’s all about getting that (healthy) perfect posture and for people who sit hunched icee at this desk all day like me, this studio will help you achieve wonders.

Yuri Kim

“Varvara is one of the most caring Pilates instructors who really understands the core of the craft. She understands human anatomy better than some other medical professionals. She was great in helping me rehab my hip issue and was a valuable part of my medical team. She understands starting with the fundamentals and helped me realize I had lost the ability to do simple movements then helped me regain them. As a physical therapist, I would trust any of my patients with her!”

~ Andrea W., Dr. Physical Therapy (women’s health)

“I have been taking privates with Varvara for about 6 months and it has been a great experience. She has not only helped me rehab my surgically repaired shoulder, which was still nagging me after months of physical therapy, but she has also helped me become more aware of how my body functions and interconnects overall allowing me to correct other issues related to my knee and posture.”

Len C.

“I have been taking weekly private classes with Varvara for almost a year now. I have osteoporosis which means that I have to train safely. I know I am in great hands with Varvara. She is very knowledgeable about my condition. I am stronger now than I have ever been!”

~ Diane B.

“I’m a runner, so I decided to try Pilates to see if I could improve my core and overall strength. I not only accomplished that, but I also found a fitness system that I enjoy as much as running! I had been taken Pilates for two years when I became pregnant. I then decided to take private prenatal classes with Varvara. These classes made a huge difference in how I felt during my pregnancy. I was able to stay fit, remain active, and energized, especially since I was doing something that made me happy! After the baby was born I took private postnatal classes and these sessions motivated me to reconnect with my body and build my strength. Varvara took good care of me the whole time, explaining the purpose of the exercises that were new to me and making sure that I was comfortable and always safe. I highly recommend her studio, especially if you plan to become pregnant and would like to stay active, motivated, and fit throughout your pregnancy.”

~ Sol S.

“I recently started taking Pilates classes at Perfect Posture Pilates with Varvara Kalinin, and I found that her expertise, knowledge, and professionalism about the needs of all aspects of the human body far exceeded any other Pilates or fitness instructor that I have experienced. Varvara is very patient and precise in teaching the movements. She models, guides and assists as needed to ensure that exercises are done effectively, and provides the support and expertise to help build confidence, strength and flexibility. Exercises are individually tailored to meet my needs in a sequential manner and increased in complexity as my own skills improve.
Additionally, Varvara supplements Pilates movements with her knowledge of Thai massage and Gyrotonic when needed to improve mobility and to ease tightness. She uses fantastic props and excellent equipment to maximize comfort and posture alignment. I look forward to each class and leave exhilarated, refreshed and confident about my own growth in fitness.

~ Eleftheria D.