Studio 2 Rooftop

3116 30th Ave 4th floor,
Astoria NY 11102
(entrance on 32nd st)

Perfect Posture Pilates Rooftop Location in Astoria Reception area
Perfect Posture Pilates Reformer Class Studio in Astoria
Perfect Posture Pilates Rooftop Location in Astoria

Class Schedule

Private Pilates

Personalized private sessions are the heartbeat of Perfect Posture Pilates. Our teachers are seasoned professionals with exceptional training and a deep understanding of anatomy and body mechanics. 

We work with clients of all age groups and levels of fitness, creating customized programs to best address each client’s unique circumstances. Whether you are recovering from an injury, chronic pain, or just want to learn how to move better without tension, our mind/body approach will guide you to physical and mental wellbeing.

In your private session, you will be guided through a detailed Pilates session, learn the core principles and the foundation of Pilates. You will work on all Pilates specialized equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Mat. Your practitioner may also include exercises for you to practice at home and/or safely prepare you for taking an equipment class.   

*By appointment only.
Failure to cancel within the 24-hour window will result in a charge for that session.

*Intro offer expires 1 month after purchase
**Intro offer does not apply to working with the owner
***If you are new to Pilates, we highly recommend  starting with this Introductory private pack before signing up for any group Reformer and Springboard   

Private Pilates with a Certified Instructor
2 Intro
5 pack@ $110 each
(3 mo exp)
10 pack@ $107 each
(6 mo exp)
20 pack@ $105 each
(6 mo exp)

Private Sessions with Varvara (owner) 

Varvara enjoys helping clients improve their movement patterns to alleviate pain, recover from injury or increase sports performance. She has extensive experience working with scoliosis, back and hip pain, shoulder issues, pre /postnatal women, posture, and alignment.  

You will learn proper body mechanics, motor control skills, Pilates principals, and bring a deeper awareness to your body.  

Private Pilates with Owner
5 pack@ $125 each
(3 mo exp)
10 pack@ $120 each
(6 mo exp)

Duet Pilates Sessions

Want to share your Pilates session with a friend? Try our Duet – Pilates session!

Duet -Private Pilates sessions accommodate two clients working out simultaneously under the instruction of a Pilates teacher on the Pilates equipment called the Reformer and/and Springboard. Semi-privates are a great way to lower the cost of Pilates sessions and motivate you and your partner to continue your movement practice.


  • It is recommended that you bring a friend or a family member. We do not partner people up.
  • By appointment only.
  • 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Failure to cancel within the 24-hour window will result in a charge for that session.
  • If you have injuries or are experiencing any pain in the body or have never done Pilates before,  we require you do private sessions first before starting with duets.  

Duet Reformer ( 2 people in class)
5 pack@ $70 each/person
(3 mo exp)
10 pack@ $65 each/person
(6 mo exp)

Small Group Reformer Classes

Group classes are a great way to experience Pilates on any budget. Our classes are small and intimate with a lot of hands-on corrections to help you improve your alignment. Modifications and props are used to challenge you in a safe way. However, group classes are NOT recommended if you are in pain or in need of therapeutic and rehabilitative care. Also, if you are interested in deepening your practice, the watchful eye of an instructor will be most helpful to refine and polish your technique.

Reformer Class

*Limited to ONLY 6 students

3 Intro Classes$105
5 pack@ $38 each
(3 mo exp)
10 pack@ $37 each
(6 mo exp)
20 pack@ 35 each
(6 mo exp)

If you have never worked on the Reformer before we highly recommend 2 private sessions at our studio before signing up for our Reformer class.

Failure to cancel within the 24-hour window will result in a charge for that session.

Gift Cards*

Give the gift of movement

*1-year expiration on all gift cards