Pre/Post Natal Pilates Program

At Perfect Posture Pilates we offer a safe and effective  Pilates-based protocols for all stages of pregnancy and post recovery after having a baby.  

Our gentle approach  during pregnancy will not only keep your body fit and healthy but it will also help prevent a number of negative pregnancy side-affects such as back pain, sciatica, shoulder tension, decrease lumber compression, swollen legs and varicose veins.  

In your one on one sessions with our experienced instructors, you will  learn various  techniques on how to strengthen and release your pelvic floor muscles in order to support the uterus and build stamina for the birthing process for a more comfortable delivery.

As well as after your delivery,  we will guide you through  a slow and effective Post-Partum Pilates protocols,  to help you heal and recover from Diastasis Recti, a common condition after having a baby.  We will  address the various dysfunctions that go along with the unraveling of the connective tissues and learn safe and effective ways  to help strengthen your body and release tension. 

Email the studio to request your session.  

Prenatal /Postnatal Private Sessions

Private Pilates with a Certified Instructor
5 pack@ $110 each
(3 mo exp)
10 pack@ $107 each
(6 mo exp)
20 pack@ $105 each
(6 mo exp)
Private Pilates with Varvara
(in studio)
5 pack
(in s tudio)
@ $125 each
(3 mo exp)
10 pack
(in studio)
@ $120 each
(6 mo exp)
Sessions are offered at Studio 2 Rooftop
  • ** Note from a Doctor is required
  • *NO Doctor’s note needed for Postnatal work 
  • Failure to cancel within the 24-hour window will result in a charge for that session.
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