Become a Certified Pilates Teacher

Start a new rewarding career in Pilates. Our Pilates certification program will prepare you to become a confident and effective movement practitioner. You will learn both classical and contemporary exercises, anatomy, biomechanics as well as evolved methods of Pilates therapeutic techniques supported by current movement science.

All training seminars are happening in person right here in Astoria, NY

Now Accepting Applications for the Anatomy+ Mat training for 2024

Certification Options

Perfect Posture Pilates Teacher Training is a career-oriented program. Through our integrative approach to Pilates, you will learn both classical and contemporary exercises as well as evolved methods of Pilates therapeutic techniques supported by current movement science.

Learn how to see, sense and help clients restore healthy function in their bodies.

Comprehensive Certification Program

500 hrs

The program includes anatomy, biomechanics, Pilates Mat and Equipment exercises, postural strategies, key assessment skills, and essential hands-on techniques to give you confidence in your teaching and to meet the needs of your diverse clientele. 

Most programs are designed to teach students how to be either engaging group instructors or effective in a private instruction setting. Our program will prepare you to succeed in both. You will learn how to see, sense, and guide all clients to move better in all client situations.

Studio owner Varvara Kalinin has developed this 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification Program to train new Pilates instructors to be competent and effective movement practitioners. Varvara draws on her 20 years of teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and movement exploration to create this multidisciplinary Pilates training system. Perfect Posture Pilates Teacher Training is the first comprehensive Pilates training in Astoria and all of Queens.

Pilates Mat Teacher Certification

Anatomy + Mat Certification

135 hrs

Thinking of becoming a Pilates instructor but not yet sure if you want to make it a career? Teaching Mat classes first is a great way to start teaching Pilates at an affordable price with less time commitment. You can then decide if you want to proceed further in your Pilates studies. Our Mat + Anatomy training is also the foundation course for the students entering our Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. 

Perfect Posture Pilates Mat teacher training is an in-person module that includes Anatomy lectures, an Essential Movement course, and the complete Mat repertoire from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced levels. Perfect Posture Pilates Mat training will give you the knowledge and understanding of over 70 Pilates Mat exercises. In addition, you will learn how to tailor exercises to each student’s learning ability and provide safe and effective protocols for all ages.    

This program is designed for those who want to teach group Mat classes at a studio or a gym, online Mat, or at-home private Mat sessions. 

Program Information

Now Accepting Applications for the Anatomy+ Mat training for 2024

Comprehensive Program Includes

  • Anatomy and Core Dynamics
  • Essential Movement
  • Comprehensive Mat
  • Reformer Level 1 and 2
  • Cadillac Level 1 and 2
  • Chair
  • Ladder Barrel and small props
  • Postural Assessment
  • Common Injuries and Conditions
  • Therapeutics
  • Fascial release techniques
  • Programming
  • 65 observation hours
  • 80 hours of self-practice
  • 90 hours of practice teaching
  • 20 apprentice hours
  • A written and practical Final Exam

Total Hours for completion 500 hours


Minimum of 10 private sessions and 10 group classes at Perfect Posture Pilates. 

Training Dates

*Estimated time commitment to complete the program is 9 months to one year.

Anatomy + Mat Program Includes

  • Essential Movement Manual 
  • Comprehensive Mat Manual 
  • Small class size (ONLY 6 students are accepted per year) 
  • Beautiful Mat space for your Mat practice with a variety of Mat classes offered throughout the week, led by our senior Pilates instructors as well as Varvara, program director. 
  • Practice quizzes 
  • Private mentorship is available with Varvara and our senior instructors for an additional cost. 
  • A safe and supportive learning environment 
  • Final Test Out with Varvara Kalinin (Program Director) 
  • Teaching opportunities at Perfect Posture Pilates 

Total Hours for completion 135 hours

Required Hours for Completion

  • Anatomy | 24 hrs 
  • Essential Movement | 28 hrs 
  • Mat Level 1 and 2  | 28 hrs 
  • Self Practice hours | 20 hrs
  • Observation | 10 hrs 
  • Practice Teaching hrs | 20 hrs 
  • Teacher Assisting  | 5 hrs 
  • A written and practical exam 

Total hours: 135 hours 


10 Mat classes (in person or online) 


Perfect Posture PilatesTM
23-08 30TH AVE 3RD FLOOR

Time Commitment for completing the Mat + Anatomy Training is 4 months 

2024 Training Dates

Weekend 1 – March 2nd, 3rd 2024
Weekend 2 -March 9th, 10th 2024

Essential Movement

Weekend 1 – March 16th, 17th 2024
Weekend 2 – March 23rd, 24th 2024

Anatomy Test

Weekend 1 – April 6th, 7th 2024

Comprehensive Mat

Weekend 1 – April 13th, 14th 2024
Weekend 2 – April 20th, 21st 2024

Final Test Out (Written and Practical) Coordinate your final test out with Varvara (Program Director) 


All lectures and practice sessions will take place in Astoria, New York.

Studio 1
Perfect Posture PilatesTM
23-08 30TH AVE 3RD FLOOR

Studio 2 Rooftop
3116 30th Ave 4th floor,
Astoria NY 11102
(entrance on 32nd st)

All lectures will take place on Saturdays and Sundays at both locations from 11 am/12 noon to 6 pm/6:30 pm. Times will vary slightly depending on the lecture.  

Required Books to Purchase

  • Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais–Germain
  • Trail Guide to the Body, 6th edition by Andrew Biel
  • Return to Life by Joseph Pilates 


Comprehensive Training Program Cost:


Non-Refundable Deposit for Comprehensive Teacher Training Program:

$500 to secure your spot.
Spots are very limited.

Comprehensive Anatomy + Mat Certification (includes Anatomy, Essential Movement and Mat ) Cost


Non-Refundable Deposit for Comprehensive Anatomy + Mat Certification

$500 to secure your spot.
Spots are very limited.

(Payment plans are available upon request. )

To learn more, please email us at

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Accepting applications for our next Comprehensive and Anatomy + Mat Teacher Training Programs starting on Jan 6th of 2024

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Teacher Feedback

Studio owner Varvara Kalinin has a a depth of knowledge in anatomy and movement that even as a seasoned instructor has myself found this workshop intriguing and informative. If anyone who wants to learn Pilates movement and make a life change to their bodies to study with her, I highly recommend Varvara as a top notch teacher and instructor. 

Georgette, Senior Pilates Instructor