Claudia Maciejuk

Claudia Maciejuk

Expert Pilates Instructor

Hometown (born/raised):

Malmö, Sweden.


  • Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm
  • The Ailey School, NYC
  • Balanced Body Comprehensive Teacher Training Program through Lesley Powell

Why do you practice Pilates?

Pilates connects mind and body in a healthy and strengthening way. As a professional dancer it has helped me build up strength and mobility to avoid possible injuries. It works as the perfect complementary training as it realigns the body after repetitive and uneven moving.

Why do you teach Pilates?

Pilates is a practice for everyone. 
It’s a technique that strengthens, lengthens and aligns the body to be in the most functional place possible. Through the broad variety of exercises on different machines/props we get information to work healthy. 
This diversity gives us, teachers, infinite options to explore and adjust to the clients needs.
Pilates has helped me tremendously and I love sharing it with others!

What inspires you?  

Curiosity and hard work. It’s wonderful with clients that like to explore movement with me and the moments they find or understand something new about their body.