Despina Stamos

Despina Stamos

Certified Pilates instructor

Hometown (born/raised):

NYC. Born in Andros Greece, raised in NJ.


  • Trainee at Martha Graham school
  • Chi gung with Daria Fain,
  • Body Mind centering with KJ Holmes,
  • Bartenieff Fundamentals with Dr Martha Eddy and Lesley Powell
  • Imbalance training with Shelly Studenberg
  • professional dancer 28 years
  • 21 years American Council on Exercise
  • Yoga instructor
  • SUNY Empire dance and social change somanautics
  • Physical Mind Institute Pilates certified, practicing since1994.

Why do you practice Pilates?

I practice Pilates because as a working dancer since 1994 it’s been a priceless way to find strength, grace and longevity in my dance career. I like most of us, had many imbalances that put strain on my structure and were subtle and difficult to understand. Pilates mind body approach helped me connect with these subtleties and save my joints from unnecessary stress and injuries. Pilates can be approached as a movement meditation, connecting the breath with the choreography leads to profound postural

Why do you teach Pilates? 

Sharing this experience with others, helping others to feel deeply embodied is a gift I love to impart. Pilates changes your perception of what your body can do and feel.

What inspires you?

I am inspired when my clients deepen their practice and make positive, healing postural shifts, by the wonder of discovery on clients faces when they feel the ease and grace of functional movement.